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Updating dataset asp net

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NET Web Control | Enhancing the 'Email the Rendered Output of an ASP.

So add one Model class called Insert Model in your models folder and write the code like below.

The Above code contains some properties with attributes that are used for validation on our view as well as the Insert Model contains Insert method for inserting values in database. In the above code, first one add method simply returns the view to take some input from the user and the second add method gets the values from the view and validates it and inserts these values into the database by calling the Insert method of Inser Model.

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This will create one predefined structure with Controllers, Modes and Views folders. Now our empty controller is ready with an Index method. As you know, first we have to create a controller so let's add a new controller with the name Home in the controllers folder. For this we will create a model which will return the dataset, then we will display this data on the view through the Index method of the Home controller. class in Models folder with the name Select Model and write the following code in it to retrieve the data from the database. On the index method we will call the dataset from the database to display the existing Authors in our table.

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