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For example, bots can remember things like the user’s seat preference (aisle versus window) and that a user prefers to fly out of JFK.” Experts, like Rurik Bradbury, global head of research at Live Person, said it, however, depends on the chatbot use case.“Bots can certainly be useful as a middle ground between an automated app and a fully manual human conversation.“This bot is focused on top of the funnel — helping people book airline tickets — which feels like something a user could do on an app or website.” But then, it begs the question if humans really need chatbots for airline travel.

“It’s understandable that airlines are generally averse to chatbots — many of their customers need instant help with complex issues, and there are some things chatbots are not equipped to solve quite yet,” said Vivian Rosenthal, founder of Snaps.That all changed 6 years ago when in 2011, at the Techniche festival in Guwahati, India, an application called Cleverbot took part in a Turing-type test and was perceived to be human by 59.3% of its testers (compared with a score of 63.3% human for the average human participant).Second, tech industry giants, such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and others have jumped into the game, bringing their massive audiences of users with them.If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, reading blogs or the occasional legal industry related tweets on twitter, you’ve heard the deafening cries and dizzying excitement about artificial intelligence, machine learning and chatbots.The idea is if a human is unable to distinguish machine from another human being through engaging it in a dialog of questions and and replies, then the computer could be deemed to be “intelligent.” Turing predicted by the year 2000, a computer would pass the test on five-minute keyboard conversations 30% of the time.

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There are already new travel solutions coming out of chatbot hackathons.