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After an embarassing You Tube video, he teams up with Marvin (Robert Downey Jr) and starts a food truck which he would then drive across the country back to Los Angeles.

Skits and sketches are performed in a manner similar to other variety shows.That, of course, is apart from the fact that he wrote, directed and starred in this whole film!won an award in China and it might get a Chinese release or version now that screenwriter and director John Carney’s sold the Chinese theatrical and ‘all-platform rights’ to the movie.” Director John Carney in China after winning in the Shanghai International Film Festival.The show celebrates its 18th anniversary and dubbed the two part special as "Barely Legal", on October 7, 2013, in the Republiq Club in Resorts World Manila. of IBC (which ran for 10 years) and John En Marsha of RPN (which ran for 17 years).The show introduces new cast such as Chariz Solomon, Carla Abellana, Paolo Contis, Mikael Daez, Andrea Torres, Max Collins, Sef Cadayona, and Betong Sumaya, and new segments such as Ikaw at ang Ina, Lala Ytera, Atlit, Istambay sa Looban, & Antonietta. On October 24, 2014, the show will celebrate its 19th anniversary and dubbed as "19 B.

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Creative director and mainstay Michael V., according to him, picked up the idea from ordinary Filipinos.

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