Radioactive dating game phet answers how to radiometric dating

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The power surge causes an increase in the current strength.

This sudden increase in the current strength can damage sensitive circuits.

If these are detected then the power supply to that area is cut off. The energy released by the burning coal is used to heat the water.

The water particles have enough energy to change from liquid to vapour.

In our homes and buildings we need a low voltage and high current again.

Transformers are used to change the voltages at different points in the grid.

Learners can discuss the fact that nuclear fuels do not generate greenhouse gases.

Try to arrange an excursion to a power plant or ask if an engineer is able to come to the school to explain how the power plant operates and to answer questions posed by the learners.

To prevent the waste of energy, the electric current is rather sent through the transmission lines at very high voltages and low current.

However, these voltages are too high for use in both private homes and commercial buildings.

This would provide an opportunity for the learners to ask questions about careers in the electrical industry.

Here is a link to the Wikipedia article which lists all the power stations in South Africa.

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