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Or between the issuing of a writ and the inquisition being conducted?

What was the impact of war, famine and pestilence on the system? 46, 49, 164, 174-7, 180, 188, 212, 216, 218, 223-4, 226, 233, 235-6, 251, 287-8, 295, 344, 377, 379, 417-18, 510, 578, 599, 664.] yet the impact of the Black Death on the administration of the system is an area yet to be explored.[4. Lindley (Stamford, 1996), 147-91.] Did the increase in number of deaths have an impact on the efficiency of government?

In addition, using Wi-Fi gameplay via Ad Hoc mode, players can compete head-to-head in various arcade-style mini games.

We are very particular about dating our written productions today.

The dating of manuscript material from the medieval era can be a bit more tricky.

Identifying particular manuscripts with ones that have been described may be aided if they contain inscriptions which give the names of owners at particular times.

Introduction to a 15th century catalogue of the Premonstatensian monastery of Titchfield. Manuscripts can be dated, to a certain level of accuracy, by examining their scripts.

This section describes the layout of the library and the letters on the shelves. Scholars from a more leisurely age who obviously didnt have dinners to cook or horses to feed have compiled a vast amount of factual data on such matters, which resides in dusty old journals that your university library may be tempted to dispose of in order to replace them with trendy modern discourses. I was once fortunate enough to attend a paleography school run by Christopher de Hamel in which we were taught to play The Paleography Game, which more or less involves betting on your own degree of accuracy at dating scripts.

It was invented in the hallowed halls of academe, or more likely the hallowed pubs, and is no doubt infinitely amusing if accompanied by schooners of port as forfeits.

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As far as books are concerned, because of the long chains of transcription through the ages, the date of authorship of a work and the date of production of any particular copy have no particular relationship, except that the former must come first.

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