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So lead her to the inside of the sidewalk so she would not be ran over by an SUV, even if there is a very little percentage that would actually happen.Do not let her win – If the two of you are competing over something, whether it is a set of tennis or a round of Words with Friends, never throw the game because she will know.Bonus points for reaching back and holding her hand behind you to keep her close.Furthermore, she is to lead walking up stairs, and he is to lead going down stairs.It most definitely does not – the effort you put into planning a date sends a woman the message of how much you are [or aren’t] truly interested in her.In the age of technology, you are likely texting or chatting for awhile before you actually see each other.Do not insist on footing the bill on anything – It is one thing to pay the bill for the first few dates, but suggesting to fund her shopping sprees and trips to the nail spa is another.

But, we can take the parts we want that we feel will make the dating process better, and leave the rest to lay where it is.

Here are a few practices that I feel are the ‘frosting off the top’ of the way things were, but often are no longer.

We can learn, adjust, and mold them to fit current trends.

Note that you should keep your hand about four inches above her buttocks so you will not be looked as a pervert.

Do not write her a love letter – While writing sappy emails about how your amazing third date seems cute to her, but wait until she forwards the letter to her friends.

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These may seem like small details, but in a world where etiquette is often brushed aside, those who pay attention to the details are those who stand out from the crowd.

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