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The video starts off with Ryan and Kevin entering a class called "How to Hit On Girls" taught by Chester See.

Kevin also refuses to let her sit up front, which he says is "for homies", and lets her sit in the trunk, afterwards he comments "I never answer my phone, whenever you call it, and when the waiter brings the bill I never reach for my wallet." The story goes back to the classroom where Ryan learns to call girls fat, win in everything and to make them stay home. But, you only date bad guys so, I'll give it my best try to, Treat you the way you want me to.“She makes it easy for people to follow along wither her tutorials….” Huang said.“And her instructions may be more APA specific since we do have different physical features than other races.”Higa also has his own tutorials, but unless viewers are set on really learning how to be a ninja or an Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter, his are for entertainment purposes only.And best of all, they do it for the fun.“The APA community is not only getting to see APAs in the media,” she added.“We see people who resemble ourselves and not the perpetuated Asian stereotypes that we typically see in traditional media.”One form of video that has become widely received is the tutorials, teaching audience everything from applying make-up to playing guitar to even finding a date.

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, Sprite, Nigahiga, Hugs Not Drugs, I can survive off of Ramen, Fried Rice, and Bubble Tea for 100 years :)☺☻☺, Houston, IM NOT LATE, IM JUST FILIPINO............

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