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Bad dating experiences

I just want you to be able to share your pain with other women – so we can all get a mutually cathartic laugh out of it. I will then ask you to vote for your favorite, starting on Monday, May 8.

When voting closes, the top 3 vote-getters will get…

And to add salt to the wounds of many victims of domestic violence and rape, a lot of male public figures and their (male) fans flippantly responded to the outpourings of grief and anger with "women must be vigilant" and "don't call us trash."Newsflash!

Our entire existence is based on "vigilance." The minute we leave the house, we worry we may never return.

Seek comfort and humor in the five weirdest Tinder dates I've been on.

My early- and mid-20s were filled with both ill-advised romantic decisions and strange yet gratifying sexual encounters that I'll be deeply thankful for when I'm in my 80s.

Especially in my younger years, I was someone who said "yes" a lot — and that included going on dates with even questionable Tinder matches.

I want you to tell me about the WORST date you’ve ever had.

Not the one where he didn’t pay the full check or the one where he talked about himself for 90 minutes.

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Sex, Flirting, Being a Great Girlfriend, Overcoming Negativity…just some amazing, juicy topics that give you powerful tools for dating success. It’s after work so I had heels on, white pants…good thing a coat. It’s from the era of Hitler(no really, he collects and restores them) a motorcycle with a rickety side car. I keep thinking what if the side car falls off…and off we go.