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Until the tides once again turn toward real human interaction, dating sites seem to be the way, which almost requires us to have a common language.

You just need the courage to put yourself out there. It’s not so much that you are that old, after all you are still young at heart, it’s more that your opportunities to find a love relationship is more difficult. Some boomers have lots of family around, some don’t.Many have different stresses like dealing with aging parents, children who have grown and left (or left and come back), and, if you have arrived here, it’s because you have no one to love in your life, at least not romantic love, that is where online dating comes in.You may think you are past the stage of dating, of finding love, your not.From Sandwich Generation failure to impossible odds of victory, there's always that chance if you look hard.Kindle Edition by David Gillaspie One of the sweetest stories you'll ever read by an acclaimed coach and his school teaching daughter who is married to an acclaimed coach with talented daughters of their own.

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My belief system is similar to the saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”.

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  1. Her light and airy approach to life is often sufficient to counter his sometimes dark moods, and his clingyness, which can be a problem to other signs, reassures his Libra woman that he’s not going to leave her.