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" Johannes's next step is to get his son’s name tattooed on his skin and after that Nightwish project continues with Floor's, Tarja's and Troy's pictures.

Marco, who has seen Johannes's tattoos, said that if he was going to tattoo anyone's face on his skin, he would choose more handsome people and grinned.

Her overwhelming performance, her willpower and her personality made a great impression to both the rest of the band as well as all the fans and a few months ago it was announced Floor is now a member of About the line-up changes, the magnificent solo effort by Holopainen on the life and times of Scrooge and the new album I had the privilege and pleasure to talk to both Tuomas and Floor on February 12, 2015.

Tuomas Holopainen Menno: Tuomas, before we talk about the new album (I’ve just heard it for the first time), I’d like to hear a bit about your solo-album.

Although Holopainen is still the mastermind of the band, bassist and vocalist went separate ways during the lengthy world-tour in September 2012, the management called upon Floor and asked her to step in.All the titles are preceded by a definite article, as it's the musician who inwardly x-rays himself to render emotions into songs."As Nightwish gave me another life and strength to look forward after a suicide attempt in 2002, I decided to thank them and dignify it by getting a tattoo on my back", writes Izzy.Together we went over those and I picked up a few like for instance Our decades is another example.To perfect the songs the best I can, I like to work all by myself.

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But, after Floor came into the band, things started to click and form that moment on it was the most fun we’ve ever had! Tuomas: When I start writing songs, I try to lock myself up as good as I possibly can. At that point, at the beginning of the songwriting process I don’t want to work with anybody, it’s the only way I can function.